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(Un)monumenting NDSM - The Future Should Always Be Better

25 januari 2024 00:04

Opening van de tentoonstelling (un)monumenting op de NDSM werf. Toespraken van Rob Post (Stichting Kinetisch Noord), Tim Vermeulen (
Directeur stichting NDSM werf) en Touria Meliani (wethouder cultuur gemeente Amsterdam).
Twelve artists (including Bas Kosters) showcase their work in the first major exhibition, both inside the shipbuilding warehouse and outside on the former NDSM shipyard. (Un)monumenting is a group exhibition featuring new and existing monumental works by twelve (inter)national artists. Through various media, the creators claim space for alternative ‘monuments’ or explore the question of what a monument can be and for whom or what a monument is erected.

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